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CUMMINS is one of the 500 best companies in the United States that produces industrial machinery, ships, filters and generators. Headquartered in the city of Colombus Indiana-USA, currently has 190 countries scattered around the world, in Indonesia alone dealers

held by Berca Group. But what often becomes an obstacle is the price of a very expensive dealer. Here BIMA KALTIM UTAMA is here to provide cheaper price solutions from dealers. We trade in Singapore and the USA and then prepare forecast stocks in Indonesia and store them as stocks that are ready to sell throughout Indonesia in general and East Kalimantan in particular, so we can provide lower prices and guarantee your satisfaction. CUMMINS itself can be used in marine applications, generator sets, industrial engines, pumps, etc. Machines such as 6bt, 6ct, nt855, kta19, kta38, kta50, qsb, qsm, etc. are some of the components we stock for us to distribute to our beloved customers. The products we stock start from liners, pistons and all other engine components.

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